Getting started with Indian cooking

So you’ve decided to cook Vegetarian Indian food.  First, congratulations!


Indians take their food very seriously. Cooking is like an art which is passed from generations to generations from mother to her daughter at a young age. But in some cases it can be a father also who teaches you to cook delicious food. So cooking is in the blood of Indians. Mealtimes are important as whole family gather together and eat food. In ancient times people use to sit down on floor and eat their food but today also at some places we can  find this tradition. Any Vegetarian meal would consist of chapati, rice, lentils, pickle, veggies and lastly rounded of with a dessert.

Each state in India has an unique food flavor. As a whole it is divided into North, West, East and South cuisine. I come from a place known as the “Heart of India” and also the capital of India – New Delhi. Delhi is famous for its street food. People in Delhi like spicy food a lot. It is a place where all Indian cuisines meet up.

Indian veg cooking is easy to learn,it seems difficult but it is not. Once you know the basics you can experiment with many dishes. I would be talking about spices, recipes as we move on with their benefits and quick tips as well.

So get started on a food journey  to make delicious Indian vegetarian food with ease and comfort….


2 thoughts on “Getting started with Indian cooking

  1. nice delicious indian delights…..well prepared and beautifully presented,vividly described each and everything .knowledge imparted about indian spices is also appriciable as well as necessary part of the food preparetion. God bless you.

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