Nimbu Pani (Indian Lemonade)


Nimbu pani is a refreshing drink of lemon. You can see it in every house in india. I still remember as soon I used to come back from school,my mom used to give it to me.  Nimbu pani is my all time favourite. It’s even my dad’s favourite drink apart from chai.

Nimbu Pani

Serves 2


2 glasses of chilled water

juice of 2 lemon

pinch of dried mint leaves

pinch of black salt

chaat masala acc to taste

sugar to taste

ice cubes


Take a jug,add water to it.

Now add sugar and stir till it dissolves. You can adjust sweetness according to your taste.

Add salt, chaat masala, mint leaves.

Add ice cubes.

Serve chilled.


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