Chapati/ Roti/ Indian Flatbread


Chapatis ( Indian Flatbread) are the most common accompaniment to most Indian dishes and is eaten in almost every house in north india. They are made of wheat flour and are very healthy. Chapatis are easy to make and it’s a basic recipe for beginners.


Chapati/ Roti / Flatbread

 Makes 5-6 chapati’s (it depends on the size you want)


1 cup wheat flour/ chapati flour

½ cup warm water

little oil/ghee for greasing


I kneaded my dough in the food processor but you can do it by hand or dough maker also.

Take flour in a vessel. When the flour is mixing, gradually add water to it.

In the beginning add more water and then less water as it becomes mix and come together.

Mix till you get a soft dough.

You have to follow the same procedure while kneading the flour by hand. You have to knead it till it become soft.

Apply oil or ghee on the dough, then cover it for 15-20 mins.



Divide the dough into 5 parts and shape each piece into a ball.

Lightly flour the ball and flatten it out slightly on the board.

Roll it out into a flat disc, flouring the board when necessary.


Heat a shallow pan or tawa. Put the chapati in the pan and let it cook for 40-50 secs or until the surface is bubbling.

Turn it over with tongs and cook for 20 secs. As soon as the brown spots appear on the underside,your chapati is ready.


Repeat with other balls.

You can apply ghee or butter on the chapati if you like.

Serve hot with any veggies or curry.


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