Baigan Bharta(Spiced Eggplant Dish)


Baigan Bharta is a mashed eggplant cooked in onion tomato gravy. In ancient times they used to roast eggplant with the help of charcoal to give that smokey flavour. It is a popular north indian dish.


Baigan Bharta (Eggplant/ Brinjal)

Serve 3-4


2 eggplant, roasted & mashed

3 onion chopped

4-5 tomatoes chopped

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

½ teaspoon fenugreek seeds

½ cup frozen peas

salt to taste

1 tablespoon coriander powder

½ teaspoon chilli powder

3 tablespoon oil

coriander for garnishing


Wash and pat dry eggplants. coat some oil on the eggplant and prick them. Roast them over open flame, grill or in a preheated oven until the skin scorches and starts peeling off and eggplants start to shrink. I did mine in oven. Let them cool, remove skin and take out the plup. Mash the plup completely.


Heat oil in a pan. Add cumin and fenugreek seeds. Saute them and add chopped onions. Cook them till they are translucent. Add spices and chopped tomatoes. Cook them till oil separates.


Add mashed eggplant and peas. Cook them for 5-7 mins. Garnish with coriander leaves.


Serve hot with chapati, naan or rice.


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