Lauki Ka Halwa (Bottle Gourd Pudding)



Lauki ka halwa is a very popular and traditional dessert, made all over India and is eaten in many of the families in the days of fasting. When i first heard about it from my mom i was not that sure about it as i don’t like lauki that much apart from kofta curry. But when i made and tasted it i coudn’t stop eating it as it was so yummy.


Lauki ka halwa (Bottle gourd pudding)


2 cups grated bottle gourd (lauki/ doodhi/ghia)

2-3 cups milk

1/2 cup sugar or according to taste

2 tablespoon desi ghee (clarified butter)

Few almonds and cashew nuts (sliced or crushed)

1 tablespoon coconut,grated

1/2 teaspoon green cardamon powder (Elachi powder)


In a heavy bottom pan, heat ghee. Add almonds and cashew nuts,saute for few mins.

Add the grated bottle gourd, green cardamom powder and milk to a boil.

Reduce the flame and cook till almost done.



Add the sugar, coconut  and the ghee and cook further till the ghee leaves the side of the pan.

While cooking, keep stirring continuously to avoid burning.

Serve hot or can be eaten cold as well.

Note:- Some people add green colour to the halwa, so if you want you can add that while cooking.

You can also add khoya to it. It becomes more delicious that way.




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