Aloo Chaat (Spiced Potatoes)



Aloo chaat is an indian street food. It is usually sold by vendors on streets. These are crisp fried potatoes tossed in spicy masala. I still remember that me and my friend used to eat aloo chaat every week from the same vendor near our home. He used to make extra spicy chaat for both of us as we liked it that way and the taste was same every time. Ah!! now i am missing my spicy aloo chaat.

This recipe is for fasting, so it doesn’t contain any onion or red chilli powder.

Aloo Chaat

Serves 2


2 large potatoes, cubed into 1/2 inch

oil for frying

some lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon cumin powder

sendha namak/rock salt to taste

crushed black pepper

chaat masala to taste


Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Oil should be medium hot. Add cubed potatoes to it.

Fry them till they are crisp and golden.

Drain them on paper towel.

Transfer them into a bowl and mix all the spices to it. In the end add lemon juice.

Serve hot.



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