Diabetes: Busting the Myths

Sugarfree Sweetheart



It’s time to look at some of the common misconceptions that people have about diabetes. And then, bust those myths!


MythWebDiabetics do not suffer any serious consequences of having high blood sugar levels.


Reality: High blood sugar levels could lead to serious health problems affecting the heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, and feet. Diabetics are at higher risk of developing blindness, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and amputation of limbs due to gangrene.

However, with the proper diet, lifestyle, medication and regular health check-ups diabetics can delay and even prevent the onset of these problems. Maintaining blood sugar levels within the acceptable range is the best bet for diabetics to keep complications at bay.


MythWebDiabetes is caused by eating too much sugar.

Reality: It’s false to think that since diabetes means high blood sugar levels, the disease is caused by eating too much sugar. Please don’t ask…

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