Til Mawa ke ladoo (Sesame seeds sweet dumplings)

til ladoo

Makar Sankranti is an auspicious festival for Hindus. It celebrates the journey of sun into the northern hemisphere. Makar sankranti is known by different names in India like Lohri, Khichdi, Pongal etc. On this day colorful kites are flown in the sky. Various delicacies are prepared and people sing regional songs like :-

Meethe GUD me mil gaya TIL,
Udi PATANG aur khil gaye DIL,
Jeevan me bani rahe SUKH aur SHANTI,

Til Mawa ke ladoo are often prepared on this occasion.


Til Mawa ke ladoo


1 1/2 cup khoya

1/2 – 1 cup sesame seeds/til, roasted and crushed (i like more til in my ladoo so i added more but you can adjust the quantity acc to your taste)

powdered sugar acc to taste

1 tbsp coconut powder (optional)

2 tbsp almonds and pista, chopped

til ladoo1


Roast khoya on a low heat till it turns light golden in colour. Allow it to cool for few minutes.

Add crushed sesame seeds, mix well.

When the mixture become lukewarm add powdered sugar and coconut,mix well. The mixture shouldn’t be too hot as it will make the sugar melt.

Shape the mixture into small round dumplings.

Garnish with almonds, pistas and serve.

Til mawa ke ladoo

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