About Me

Welcome to Divya’s Indian Cookbook

Meet Divya the chef! – that’s what my hubby calls me 🙂


I started cooking when I was in school and used to sit in the kitchen with mom when I was very little. I had lots of time on hand for cooking when I was in school, so it started my passion for cooking and used to experiment with food as well as cook for parties at my home. This blog features easy vegetarian recipes, healthy recipes, kids recipes, cooking basics, tips and many more….

I love cooking, travelling, music &  gardening. I live in Southampton,UK and was born in Delhi,India. I did my MBA from Amity Business School,India and was married sometime after that. Currently I am a Radio Presenter at a local radio station which plays all kind of music. I have always been keen to learn tips and tricks from my mother. My mom is the best cook in the world. You can see her and my father’s pic below.


Let me tell you something about my family. I am the only child of my parents. My parents are my pillars of support. They are also my motivators. I am married to the most loving, caring, gentle and honest person on this earth. He is my strength and supports me in everything. He only gives honest feedback. Me and my hubby in the pic below.


Next are my In-laws. I have got great in-laws,they are very loving and caring. Specially my father-in-law. I have a very sweet sister-in-law who lives in London. She is the most amazing person that I have ever met in my life. You can see the photo of my in-laws below.

This is my loving family who always encourage me whenever I fail.


I am lucky to have true and caring friends around me. They are ready to help me whenever I am in problem. I have shared some of the most golden moments with them. They are more like family rather then close friends. After getting married we moved to different places like one of my friend is in Australia, few in India and one in USA. So sometimes it’s difficult to talk but we still manage it somehow.

I feel very blessed to have such wonderful people around me.

The main aim of this blog is to inspire other’s to cook. You will find lots of delicious vegetarian recipes here which are easy to cook. Many recipes found here are taught to me by my mother, friends, mom in law and even tv shows & cooking books….

I am glad these recipes will help you to cook amazing dishes!!


34 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It’s great to be an only child and to have such a wonderful family and in-laws. You are such a phenomenal woman with very admirable achievements. Glad to hear you are even presenting on radio. Thanks so much for introducing your family and for having such a positive attitude. Wish you a pleasant week and thank you for visiting my blog too!

  2. Hi, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it. You have an amazing recipe collection here. In just 2 months, you have posted so many of them! I’m impressed. I’ll keep visiting your space for lovely recipes!

  3. Hi Divya! I just came across your blog… IT seems wonderful.. Love how close you are to your family. Reminds me of me!! I really miss mine too 🙂 Look forward to your indian recipes..!

  4. What an amazing support system you have around you. I empathize with the distance bit, it is sometimes difficult to stay in touch but to have friends like a family is a blessing in itself. One can’t ask for more.
    A superb collection of recipes. 🙂

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